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Do we open weekends?

Yes, we are open every weekend 10am - 5:30pm excluding public holidays.

Can I trade my clothes for credit?

Currently we are working on a way to bring this function to our store. At this time we can take donations but can't evaluate for credit but instead offer a store discount.

Are online orders guaranteed?

As a Thrift store most items we have in stock are of one in quantity, there might be times where an item is already reserved but has not been updated in our system. In this situation we will notify and issue a refund.

I'm not sure about size, do you take returns?

Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a return. In some cases we can issue a return, for such please email us at info@thriftshop.ie and we will do the best we can.

I need more sizes

Most of our items will only have one in stock and we would not be able to get a different size.

Do you buy clothes?

At this time we don't offer to pay for clothes but we will be working on offering our customers cash or store credit for clothes and other items.